Rupert Falsch.

cover Links auf der Fahrbahn,         ein totes Tier EP
[Corpid, 2009]
1. Generikum
2. Bisher waren wir Kinder
3. Links auf der Fahrbahn, ein totes Tier
4. Lügendetektor sein
5. In Ordnung wenn du mich rufst
6. Erklärs mir bitte noch einmal
7. Madame Curie
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cover Fehlerengel EP                       
[iDEOLOGY 016, 2005]
1. Wir bleiben ganz entspannt
2. Fehlerengel
3. Aromastar
4. Ja, nein, vielleicht
5. Gib mir Satelliten
6. Was deine Welt
7. Fehlerengel [keindesign_raum]
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cover Nebelschwungflug EP             
1. Nebelschwungflug
2. Power optimal
3. Klarfeldt ohne Haftpflicht
4. Slow-Brainer
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Remixes by Rupert.
Forss logo Emily in Love: Lullaby              
[Rupert Falsch Remix]
 Remixes [corpid]
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cover Bobby Baby: Bobby              
[Ruperts high voltage remix]
 Four Remixes [corpid]
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Forss logo Forss: Paradigm Shift              
[Ruperts double cut-up remix]
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Rupert remixed.
cover Generikum [aout6 Zeit nach Hause zu gehen remix]
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Forss logo Fehlerengel [Sudio remix]
  iD.Allstars: Re-iD.d [iD.EOLOGY]
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Flattering quotes.
 Beat magazine
"Und wieder ist es diese Symbiose aus monotonem leisen Gesang und darunter sich sorgfältig entwickelnden Songstrukturen, die so einnehmend sind, dass man zu diese Musik alles machen kann, nur nicht weghören."
 net muzik
"Un trésor de mélodies pop mélancoliques et d'electro minimale allemande. Espérons que cet album profitera de l'effet "Tokyo Hotel" pour s'insinuer dans l'oreille des foules francophones déchainées..."
 The Fast Life
"This is what I was missing a little - the intelligent, reflective, impulsive, elaborate, winding and may a little twirled usage of the German language. Great easygoing melodies and lyrics."
"Blumfelds departure becomes easier to get over, as new talents step out of their shadows. I just discovered Rupert Falsch."
 Turnstyle & Suln
"A killer set swinging in the charm of a breathing loop, lost somewhere between the Cure and your favorite late night disco. Sweet & sublime." web magazine
"Fehlerengel  is one of those gentle, quiet releases that nestle to your heart a little bit more with every tone. It combines german crankiness in the style of Kompakt with a bit of Jan Jelineks esthetics and pours a sweet and nicely awkward sugar icing of german vocals over it [...]"
 Freie Kultur blog
"As for electronic music with german vocals, Rupert delivers the best and freshest I have heard last year. The tracks on the EP simply refuse to become boring. A brilliant piece of work."
 Ch:ffre blog
"This EP shows the courage to challenge pop music and to give downbeat a new face. Pop meets electro culture, lyrics meet experimental."
 Pandas Hideout podcast
"How do you pronounce that song? Ya ninn vellect? It's ... I think it's in french."